Jeremy Chapman: Off the Page (2017)

Jeremy Chapman: Off the Page (2017)

  1. All the things you are (take 1) – Jerome Kern
  2. Beatrice – Sam Rivers
  3. Beirut Daze – Jeremy Chapman
  4. Subconscious-Lee – Lee Konitz
  5. Quartal Steps – Jeremy Chapman
  6. To The New – Jeremy Chapman
  7. Intro/You don't know what love is – Raye & de Paul
  8. To be put in ear – Libor Smoldas
  9. Inner Urge – Joe Henderson
  10. All the things you are (take 2) – Jerome Kern

Jeremy Chapman / tenor saxophone & flute
Libor Smoldas / guitar
Tomas Baros / double bass
Vaclav Palka / drums

Recorded and mixed by Lukas Martinek
at Studio Svarov, Prague

28/29 June and 10 December 2016

Mastered by Matous Godik
Artwork by Petr Dimitrov

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Most of my music teachers taught me that the role of a musician was to bring a written musical text to life. But Mr. Gwilym Isaac intervened one day and gently pushed me off the page, pointing me in the direction of a terrain I had never known existed. Whilst I continued learning to play so-called classical music, I became aware, from that moment on, of another dimension of music-making called improvisation.

I love the sense of freedom in improvisation, the opportunity it provides to take risks, to be playful and disruptive. But for all the wonderful things that can happen, improvisation is never neat and tidy. In fact, it is sometimes a little ragged around the edges and so the recording studio can be a daunting place: everything will be captured. So I can’t say that recording this music was a fun process and I certainly didn’t feel elated after each take. But as I have listened to this music over the last few months, it has changed. I’ve forgotten the initial self-doubt or sense of anti-climax and I’m starting to hear it without judgement. It all sounds quite beautiful to me now.

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