New Port Line
My current label. It releases very interesting music and has a great future ahead.

Jazz VOŠ Jaroslava Ježka
A shool where I teach in Prague, the higher jazz department of conservatory of Jezek. Best place to study jazz in Prague, it has great teachers.

Global Music Foundation
An international organization doing amazing workshops, concerts and festivals around the globe. I was fortunate enough to teach at their London and Germany courses, they have the best teachers and performers and organization.

Jazz Workshop Australia
This academy does great work teaching young people jazz in Sydney. Among other things they organize the legendary summer jazz camp where I tought twice already.

Společenství Andromeda
A nonprofit organization based in west Czech that I try to help in my spare time.

Great little recording studio near Prague led by gifted sound engeneer and musician Lukáš Martínek.

Patrick Marek
My favourite jazz photographer.

Lehká hlava
Great places to eat in Prague.

James Taylor
A singer I love.

SILVER, sketches of the silver screen

A new solo guitar record of mine is being released on November 30th. It contains my take on songs from old czechoslovakian movies.
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